Here’s your gas prices for the day. If your at Saint Mike’s, check out Cumbies or Simon’s, and if your at UVM, go to the Shell or Gulf on Riverside Ave near N. Prospect.

Colchester Best Prices:

Cumberland Farms Gulf and Simon’s Mobile 3.17 dollars/galllon

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Burlington Best Prices (Both Sides of UVM):

Rick’s U-Save Beverage Sunoco 3.18 dollars/gallon

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Shell (Riverside) 3.19 dollars/gallon

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Students, Money, Help

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Money

Money drives this world. Look at your local paper and you won’t have to look far to see something about money. Stocks, salaries or taxes are popular topics. College students are NOT worried about any of this on a day to day basis. This isn’t business class. In student terms money is used for food, alcohol and entertainment. And its always in short supply.

NO ONE worries about the financial woes of the college kid. Then came this blog. Weekly Allowance’s one purpose is to make your dollar stretch further and bring you ways to ease your money fueled worries.

After all, it has been said more students drop out due to credit card debt than academic failure.

This blog’s first order on the agenda is to help you create a solid budget. This isn’t a financial future planning gig. This is the short term. Once we get the budget established, we will find you ways to stretch your dollar, stay on the straight and narrow and possibly supplement your dwindling funds.

Follow this and you will stay in the green, without calling home. Every Sunday we will release the weekly advice for you to digest.